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Free Lunch and Breakfast Program

January 22, 2021

Dear East Granby Families,

I am very pleased to publish a date to begin our free lunch and breakfast program! In an earlier communication, I shared that Granby has offered to bring East Granby on as part of their breakfast and lunch program for the remainder of this school year. We have spent many hours with Granby Public School representatives, East Granby school office and custodial personnel, and Fresh Picks, the food vendor, to address countless details to make this endeavor successful. We are very grateful to Granby and to Fresh Picks for their partnership and flexibility that will allow all East Granby students to have an option for free lunch and breakfast! The free lunch initiative, sponsored by the USDA, is in response to challenging economic times during COVID-19. Under the USDA, we are required to follow many food and beverage guidelines in regards to what we can sell and offer students for food, snack and beverage choices. In the end, we feel the positives will outweigh the negatives and want to give it a go!

Ordering lunch and breakfast will not be done automatically; parents and guardians need to complete the order form for each week. The goal is to provide food to as many students who want it without wasting meals. Meals can only be provided to children age 18 or younger, or students enrolled in our school program if over the age of 18. Any meals not consumed will be thrown away. Parents and guardians, please check with your child(ren) before ordering to be sure they will eat what you order. None of us want to see very good food get tossed into the garbage. We are also not permitted to order extra meals so please note the deadline for each week’s ordering (9:00 AM the prior Wednesday). For elementary students, you will need to know the name and spelling of your child’s homeroom teacher. For middle and high school students, you will need to know the lunch wave (1, 2 or 3) and where your child is assigned to eat (commons or gym). All of this will help our staff quickly unpack, sort, and distribute the lunches in a timely manner.

Because we do not have kitchen facilities or food staff, the lunch options are all cold meals; one is typically a sandwich and the other is a non-meat option. All meals come with 1% white milk and fruit; students must take the milk as part of the meal. Meals will be offered and delivered on days that students are in-person learning (right now that is M,T,Th,F, minus any holidays or days off).

Families of distance learners or those who may be on quarantine for the short term are also welcome to order lunch and breakfast. You will see that the order form has an option to note “remote”. If you would like to order breakfast, you will be asked at the bottom of the order form to click either “breakfast” or “no breakfast”. If you choose breakfast, you will be provided a variety of five days worth of breakfast foods, along with five milks. You will pick them all up on one day and be set for the week. Again, the milk must be provided with the meals. Our schools will use remote Wednesdays from 11-12 as the day and time to distribute the weekly breakfast bags. We recognize that parents / guardians might be at work so anyone may pick up the breakfast bags and milk (high school student who drives, a neighbor can pick up for several families). We will just ask who the meals are being picked up for as we need to provide that information to the Granby Public Schools. The specifics of pick up locations for lunches for remote students and breakfast will be shared by each school.

For anyone that would like milk only, this will also need to be ordered in advance. This is a change from our usual process and there is a cost increase. We will not have an extra supply of milk on hand. The purchase price for ala carte milk will be fifty cents (.50). The only option for a milk purchase is 1% white milk. We will not be offering chocolate milk while we are participating in this program.

Like so many other things this year, this lunch and breakfast rollout will take patience and understanding. We are implementing something brand new, without additional staff, and coordinating with two other agencies. We will have bumps in the road and will iron them out as we go along. You should find the order form easy to fill out, but certainly reach out to the school or me with any questions. We really want this to be a benefit to our families!

The link to the menu is on the order form. Once you open the menu link, on the right side, choose the correct month and you will see the lunch and breakfast menu under “East Granby”.

Below is the link to the order form. If the link does not work by clicking on it, please copy and paste into your browser.

This program will continue as long as it remains workable for both Granby and East Granby School Districts. Should we need to end the program, families will have at least a one week notice.

Missy Bavaro

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