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Using PlusPortals

Q: What is PlusPortals?

A: PlusPortals is a cloud-based application integrated with the EGPS student information system. This application provides access to student class pages where you will be able to see grades, progress reports, schedules, and attendance along with teacher contact information. It also makes available school-wide information such as event dates and school announcements.

Q: How do I access PlusPortals?

A: or login at the top of this page (look for "PlusPortals Sign-In")

New Users: EGPS will send parents an email message with login instructions before the start of the school year. It will include a link to activate their Portal account which uses your email address as your User ID. You will then be prompted to create a password requiring at least a total of 8 characters, one being a capital letter, a number and a symbol. Parents will be able to view all of their children’s date with one login.

Students will use their school google email address as their username (

Q: Can I access PlusPortals on my mobile device?

A: Yes. Click here for details and instruction.

Q: How do I view information on my child's classes?

A: Class information is shown on your child's home screen under the "Classes" tab (shown below).

Q: What about my child's scores?

A: Scores are shown when a teacher completes grading an assignment and enters it into their Gradebook. Scores are real-time, meaning they can be viewed by parent as soon as the teacher is ready to post the grade for that assignment.

Q: How do I contact my student’s teacher?

A: You can email your student’s teacher via the “email & messages” tab located on your home page in the Portal.

Q: Who do I contact with questions?

A: If your questions are PlusPortals specific, please refer to the link here for an interactive guide to using PlusPortals.

If your questions are class/grade specific, please contact your student’s teacher. If your question is about activating your PlusPortal account, please contact the office staff at your child's school.

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